Affordable and luxurious SF accommodations for Canadian entrepreneurs

With prices for a decent hotel or Airbnb in San Francisco skyrocketing, frequent travellers to the city find it increasingly harder to book accommodations. Travellers end up having to settle for a shabby Airbnb or a mediocre hotel that is on the outskirts of town. In 2016, Canadian companies raised $2.39 billion in venture capital from US investors. In just the first half of 2018, $1.3 billion was raised by investors primarily based in Silicon Valley. For Canadian founders, monthly visits to San Francisco are unavoidable during a startup’s fundraising process. After fundraising, it remains important for founders to travel often to Silicon Valley to maintain their investor and business relationships.

Recognizing that Canadian founders already have enough to worry about, Maison Maple was founded to provide local entrepreneurs with luxury accommodations at a fraction of what it would cost for an Airbnb or hotel. At an average of US$150 per night, guests of Maison Maple have access to a private bedroom and bathroom in a shared condo located in central San Francisco. Guests have access to co-working and meeting spaces and can unwind in various wellness facilities.

Access to Maison Maple suites is open to members only. The community of founders staying at Maison Maple properties is comprised of frequent travellers to San Francisco that are fundraising, recruiting, or networking. Members have the flexibility to book short-term stays up to three months in advance using credits that come with a monthly subscription. Subscriptions are available to eligible founders at US$500 per month. Membership will initially be open to 24 subscribers. In addition to luxury accommodations, members have access to a network of Canadian and Silicon Valley-based VCs and entrepreneurs through private dinner and social events.

Maison Maple makes it easy for Canadian entrepreneurs to stay, work, and play in the best location in the city. Waitlist applications for the flagship property are currently being accepted.

Justin Lee